Bellavei skin care

Bellavei Skin Care A Effective Skin Care

Worried about your skin? Are those wrinkles and fine lines are not letting you sleep? Skin caring is a vital role in everybody’s life. The skin acts as a filter and a protective barrier. It is affected by various factors such as, in what environment you are living or what food you are eating.
A healthy skin regulates your body temperature and heals faster when compared to an unhealthy skin. Unhealthy skin looses elasticity and appears dull, shallow and develop wrinkles, patches and acnes. Healthy skin makes you look full and vibrant. Donot use hot water to wash your face and avoid applying chemicals because they tend to take away the moisture from your face. Always try to maintain a balanced diet by providing the necessary minerals and vitamins to your skin. Never forget to apply your sunscreen whenever you are stepping out in the sun. Cleansing and moisturising are very important to keep your skin glowing all the time. Bellavei skin care is that brand which provides you with the variety of skin care products. Its wide range of products helps you to forget all your skin problems. This complete kit is the ultimate solution that every woman is looking for.

Bellavei skin care

Bellavei features: Premature aging is a problem in every woman’s life. The skin starts getting damaged, wrinkles develop, discoloration occurs, Bellavei skin care with its powerful ingredients restores complexion and moisturises your skin. It gives a beautiful, healthy looking skin, which lightens and brightens your skin. Safeguarding the natural beauty of the skin and at the same time acting as an anti-aging product, the whole kit comes with various products which are suitable for all skin types and helps in the enhancement of the skin quality.

Aging starts to occur at the age of 30, but Bellavei suggests to use their products when you reach your 20s in order to prevent premature aging. The product comes with moisturising and hydrating effects and boosts up the formation of collagen and elastin.

Basic ingredients: Nowadays, most of the anti-aging products contain colourants and added fragrance. But the natural ingredients of Bellavei skin care products are what makes them stand out amongst the crowd. The two main ingredients are as follows:

NuvianteArgan oil: The Argan oil ingredient acts as an effective softening and hydrating element for your skin. This vitamin E-rich ingredient has fatty acid content which naturally boosts the quality of the skin. They are completely non-greasy in nature and once applied, it is completely absorbed into the skin. Their healing property helps to repair the skin cells as well as collagen and elastin fibers.

Phytoceramides: This ingredient helps to rejuvenate the skin from inside out. As the skin starts aeging, there are certain compounds which progressively starts to loose from your skin. One such compound is the ceramide. This results in uneven skin-tone, wrinkle formation, age spots,etc..So it becomes necessary to include ceramide as the main ingredient in such expensive facial creams. Plant-derived BellaVei supplement includes phytoceramide which provides the basic nutrients and vitamins that the skin requires. The powerful anti-oxidants helps to boost the skin moisture. Vitamin A and vitamins C and D helps to improve the shedding away from the skin, thus providing with an immune system.

Bellavei skin care

Products available: There are lots of product that is offered by Bellavei. The complete Bellavei skin care kit contains, moisturiser, cleanser, anti-aging complex along with an emollient. Some of the product details are listed below:

Anti-aging moisturiser cream: Apply a pea size amount of cream twice a day to the face and neck area helps in restoring the moisture and reducing the fine line. This product promotes in providing firmness to the skin. You can even use this product before applying makeup because this would help the makeup get completely absorbed.

Facial cleanser: The multi-tasking formula of the cleanser helps effectively to remove dirt and oil from the face. It can be used on a daily basis inorder to attain a radiant and healthy looking skin. After returning from work, just give a massage onto wet face with the facial cleanser, circulate in an upper circular motion and then gently rinse it off with lukewarm water. It can even be used as a makeup remover.

Anti-wrinkle complex: After cleansing and toning your face, apply a small amount of cream to the face and neck area. Use it twice a day and it would provide you with eight hours of protection. This anti-aging product maximises wrinkle reduction, giving a flawless look.

Advanced eye treatment: With the help of Bellavei skin care advanced eye treatment, give relief to your overtired eyes. The eyes are the most sensitive area of the face, should be taken complete care of. This wonderful product helps to reduce the under eye puffiness, removes dark circles and provides a softer and healthier-looking skin. Rub gently in the upward motion with fingertips under the eye. Apply it even during the night before going to sleep to get more positive results.

Skin whitener: This amazing skin whitening product comes in a spray bottle. Apply about two to three drops daily to the desired area and massage it in the upward direction. It helps to remove dark spots, blemishes and improves the skin clarity. It protects the skin’s natural beauty by brightening the face, neck and lower neckline area. The skin whitener product is recommended for all skin types, starting from darker to the brighter complexion.

To sum up, the various benefits provided by the Bellavei skin care products are as follows:

  • Moisturising
  • Cleansing
  • Lock-in properties
  • Anti-aging

Combined with the latest scientific technologies and the best anti-aging ingredients, Bellavei not just only reduces dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, but provides you with a younger looking skin and a fresher look. Dermatologists highly recommend using the product of Bellavei in order to meet all the skin related issues. The products promise effective results.

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